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Namhanman meets Korean popular culture. Namhanman is based in Budapest, Hungary. Contact: /// Célkeresztben a dél-koreai popkultúra (kiváltképp a filmművészet). Hírek és villámkritikák a Koreai Köztársaság (Daehan Minguk) mozgóképtermésének gyöngyszemeiről.

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2011.07.29. 15:09 namhanman

5 Korean Classics You Must See

Madame Freedom (자유부인, 1956) One of the most controversial films in the history of Korean cinema, Madame Freedom tells a story of a professor's wife who is following the latest popular trend: instead of being a traditional jipsaram (wife, literally: home person), she begins to work as a store…

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2011.07.19. 00:32 namhanman

K-pop Party in Hungary

I remember very clearly when I first attended Shinshoku Fever, a Hungarian party series focusing exclusively on Korean and Japanese pop music, because I was totally shocked. It was in February 2010, I've returned from Seoul only several months ago and found myself dancing to the same K-pop songs I…

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2011.07.05. 19:02 namhanman

Korean Hits - Then and Now #1

In our new series we rediscover the great artists of the history of Korean popular music. Ranging from trot singers to folk rock stars to punk bands, we present one hit song from a chosen musician/band and then we take a look at the cover(s) of their song. Our first competitor is Songolmae…

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