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Namhanman meets Korean popular culture. Namhanman is based in Budapest, Hungary. Contact: /// Célkeresztben a dél-koreai popkultúra (kiváltképp a filmművészet). Hírek és villámkritikák a Koreai Köztársaság (Daehan Minguk) mozgóképtermésének gyöngyszemeiről.

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2011.11.30. 17:55 namhanman

Korean Film Week in Budapest

Considering the fact that Hungarian film distributors tend to release only one Korean movie a year, Hungarian viewers have two options to watch contemporary Korean films on the big screen: the Titanic International Film Festival and the annual Korean Film Week, both held in Budapest. Supported…

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Címkék: exclusive

2011.09.24. 04:36 namhanman

Exclusive interview with DJ Masa

"We want more! We want more!" – the Hungarian fans screamed after the special guest star of the night, DJ Masa (Carlos Brandão) has finished his epic performance in Budapest at the 8th edition of Shinshoku Fever, a party series specialized in J-pop and K-pop. The 23 years old,…

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Címkék: exclusive

2011.07.29. 15:09 namhanman

5 Korean Classics You Must See

Madame Freedom (자유부인, 1956) One of the most controversial films in the history of Korean cinema, Madame Freedom tells a story of a professor's wife who is following the latest popular trend: instead of being a traditional jipsaram (wife, literally: home person), she begins to work as a store…

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Címkék: exclusive

2011.07.19. 00:32 namhanman

K-pop Party in Hungary

I remember very clearly when I first attended Shinshoku Fever, a Hungarian party series focusing exclusively on Korean and Japanese pop music, because I was totally shocked. It was in February 2010, I've returned from Seoul only several months ago and found myself dancing to the same K-pop songs I…

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2011.06.27. 15:33 namhanman

The 5 Most Anticipated Korean Movies in Second Half of 2011

Sector 7 (7광구) Korea's first 3D feature film has been already pre-sold to 46 different countries and is widely expected to be the ultimate box office hit this summer. It is pretty understandable if you consider that Sector 7's producer is Yoon Je-gyoon (aka. JK Youn) whose latest directorial…

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Címkék: exkluzív exclusive

2011.03.12. 17:25 namhanman

100 Years of Korean Cartoon - Photo Report /// 100 éves a koreai képregény (manhwa)

/This article is part of the Korean Blogathon./Considering the fact that the first U.S. movie based on a Korean comic (Priest) will be released this May, I decided to re-publish my photo report covering a manhwa exhibition titled "100 Years of Korean Cartoon". It was held in summer 2009 at…

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2011.03.07. 10:00 namhanman

Korean Film Archive - Photo Report /// Képes beszámoló a Koreai Filmarchívumról

Last autumn I visited the Korean Film Archive (KOFA) in Seoul and took some pictures which I've already shared with my Hungarian readers. Celebrating the first Korean Cinema Blogathon (props to Martin Cleary over at, here comes the bilingual edition of that exlusive photo…

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2011.03.04. 16:40 namhanman

K-pop in Hungary: An Overview

In Hungary Korean popular music is represented at a subcultural level. It is a small, yet lively subculture that has created not only stylish fan sites - from SHINee to Big Bang -, but Korean music parties as well. Shinshoku Fever, a party series specialised in K-pop and J-pop, holds a steady…

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